As early as 1914, a group of concerned citizens banded together in hopes of purchasing and restoring  
Proprietary House. The present Proprietary House Association was formed on September 7, 1966, tasked
with restoring the House and encouraging an appreciation among the people of Perth Amboy and beyond of
the historic significance it holds. In 1967, through the efforts of the Association, the State of New Jersey
purchased Proprietary House so that it might be preserved for future generations.
Today,  after extensive research into the building's history and architecture, the task of restoration is currently
under way. By using paint analysis techniques, for example, the Association is interpreting what the rooms
looked like at different stages of the building's evolution. The restoration process is fascinating but also is of
a huge scale that is enormously expensive and cannot be accomplished without your help!
We invite you to share in discovering the stories this amazing building has to tell by joining the Association.
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